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Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)

EDAX Periodic Table of Elements - Zinc

OIM was used to investigate the anisotropic growth characteristics on Zinc Oxide fibers - well faceted fibers with periodic junctions. Such fibers could be potentially used for enhanced light-illumination arrays.

L. Huang, S. Wright, S. Yang, D. Shen, B. Gu & Y. Du (2004). "ZnO well-faceted fibers with periodic junctions." J. Physical Chemistry B 108: 19,901-19,903.

Orientation map of a deformed brass sample
Orientation map created at 1,000 indexed points per second from a deformed brass sample

Staple sample
  • Maps collected with a Velocity™ Super EBSD Analysis System with APEX™ Software for EBSD at 3,000 pps
  • Shown: IPF maps on PRIAS™ center map showing orientation contrast of two sections of a staple
  • The map and pole figure from the straight section (red boxes) show a strong horizontal [110] alignment consistent with the initial wire drawing of the metal
  • The texture pole figure and [010] IPF map from the scan across the compressed bend (yellow boxes) illustrate that the bending of the staple is not gradual, but occurs in distinct sections
  • The Velocity Super’s high-resolution enables you to detect this inhomogeneous bending response, together with the formation of cavities, explaining why a staple easily breaks when bent open again

Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry (WDS)

Glass Additives

Glass additive

Glass compositions begin with common aluminum-silicon-oxide, but other additions are very important for adjusting the final properties. The composition levels are typically minor or trace and X-ray peaks may be difficult to discover on a relatively high background intensity even when they are isolated. Extreme difficulties occur for discovery when two small amplitude peaks overlap, as in the case for Zn-L and Na-K. The EDS spectrum (green) shows only a single low amplitude peak on a background (P/B ~ 5) but the WDS (red) shows 2 clear peaks for the trace elements on a low background (P/B ~ 10).