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  • EDAX Adds Velocity Pro to its EBSD Camera Series
    Introducing the Velocity Pro EBSD Camera
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  • Clarityโ„ข EBSD Analysis System
    Introducing the Clarityโ„ข EBSD Analysis System
  • Lambda WDS Analysis System
    Now Available!
  • APEXโ„ข Software for EBSD
    Now Available!
  • APEX software
    APEXโ„ข Software for EDS
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
    Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
  • Micro-XRF analysis of precious artifacts


EDAX is a leading provider of innovative materials characterization systems encompassing Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS), Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD), Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry (WDS), Micro X-ray Fluorescence (Micro-XRF), and X-ray Metrology.

EDAX products include stand alone tools, integrated tools for EDS-EBSD, EDS-WDS, and EDS-EBSD-WDS, and a free-standing Micro-XRF bench-top elemental analyzer providing small and micro-spot X-ray analysis and mapping.

EDAX develops the best solutions for micro- and nano-characterization, where elemental and/or structural information is required, making analysis easier and more accurate.

EDAX designs, manufactures, distributes and services products for a broad range of industries, educational institutions and research organizations.


Register for the "Broad Argon Beam Tool for EBSD Preparation" webinar
Sign up for the joint EDAX/Gatan "Broad Argon Beam Tool for EBSD Preparation" webinar - Feb. 4

In this webinar, we will describe the Gatan PECS II and an EBSD results challenge that we worked on with EDAX. In all cases, Gatan’s broad argon beam tool successfully enabled EBSD results that were previously unconceivable with mechanical preparation.


Register for the "How to Reconstruct Pre-Transformation Microstructures in OIM" Webinar
Register for the "How to Reconstruct Pre-Transformation Microstructures in OIM" webinar - Jan. 21

This webinar will discuss the reconstruction algorithm implemented in OIM Analysis™ and present some case studies illustrating its capabilities and limitations.


AZo Materials
Read the new AZo Materials Insights from Industry interview "Discussing EBSD with EDAX" with EDAX Senior Scientist, Dr. Stuart Wright.

Dr. Wright discusses multiple EBSD topics, including: strain, IQ, KAM, and GROD maps, and EBSD patterns.


EDAX Adds the Velocity Pro to its EBSD Camera Series
EDAX Adds Velocity Pro To Its EBSD Camera Series

EDAX is adding a new, fast, low-noise CMOS camera to its Velocity™ Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) Camera Series. The Velocity Pro offers high-speed EBSD mapping with the highest indexing performance on real-world materials.