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    OIM Analysis™ v8.5 - A Highlight of What's New

    Thursday, June 4, 2020

    EDAX is pleased to announce the release of OIM Analysis™ 8.5. There are two major facets to this release: first, support for OIM Matrix™– an add-on module for dynamic pattern simulation and dictionary indexing; and second, for compatibility with APEX™ Software for EBSD. This webinar will also highlight major upgrades to the OIM Data Miner, the Automated Report Generator and the Command Line Interface, Color Mapping as well as a new Structure Builder.


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    EBSD Analysis of Deformed Microstructures

    Thursday, February 27, 2020

    A survey of EBSD papers using one of the on-line scientific journal search engines will show that the most common application of EBSD is the study of deformation in crystalline materials. One indicator of strain is the presence of local variations in orientation within grains. As evidenced by the many published studies, EBSD is well suited for characterizing these local misorientations and is therefore an excellent tool for studying deformation. This webinar will review what can be gleaned about strain from individual EBSD patterns and EBSD maps. The tools available in OIM Analysis™ for analyzing deformed microstructures will be described and guidance provided on their application through case studies.


  • Register for the "Understanding and Troubleshooting the EDAX Indexing Routine and the Hough Parameters" webinar
    Understanding and Troubleshooting the EDAX Indexing Routine and the Hough Parameters

    Thursday, January 23, 2020

    The foundation of any EBSD dataset is getting the correct Indexed results. Even with the best patterns possible, indexing can be problematic if certain settings are wrong. The correct settings can vary greatly by sample type. By understanding what these parameters control and how they affect your data, it is possible to get higher quality data. This webinar will focus on understanding the basics of the EDAX indexing routine and how it interacts with the Hough Transform to get a final orientation. In addition, it will cover the common mistakes and issues that arise and how to fix them.


  • Register for the "APEX™ 2.0 - ein neuer Weg zur Materialanalysen" webinar presented in German
    APEX™ 2.0 - ein neuer Weg der Materialanalyse

    Thursday, January 16, 2020

    EDAX nimmt die fortschreitenden Entwicklungen in der energiedispersive Röntgenspektroskopie (EDX) und der Elektronenrückstreudiffraktometrie (EBSD) zum Anlass und integriert diese in die neue APEX™ Software. APEX™ ist das Ergebnis einer echten Win10 basierende 64 bit Software, die den angestaubten Charakter bisheriger Versionen bereinigt. In einfacher Weise lassen sich Daten gewinnen und Materialien analysieren. Neue Algorithmen zur Spektrumanalyse, der simultanen Datenaufnahme und -auswertung sowie fortschrittlicher Datenspeicherung eröffnen neue Möglichkeiten der Analyse von Materialeigenschaften. In dem Webinar soll die APEX™ Software und ihrer Möglichkeiten vorgestellt werden.


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