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Integrated Technologies

  • Neptune icon
    TEAM™ Neptune (EDS-WDS)

    By integrating EDS and WDS analytical techniques on a single platform, TEAM™ Neptune provides the power and flexibility of EDS with the resolution, precision, and detection limits of WDS. Together the two techniques

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    TEAM™ Pegasus (EDS-EBSD)

    TEAM™ Pegasus enables the simultaneous collection of EDS (chemistry) and EBSD (crystallography) data, allowing direct correlation between the elemental content and microstructural aspects of the material being studied.

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    TEAM™ Trident (EDS-EBSD-WDS)

    TEAM™ Trident combines the latest advances in EDS, EBSD and WDS in a single analytical tool. With the Smart Features included in the easy to use TEAM™ analysis software, each technique can be optimized and used

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