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Integrated Technologies

  • Neptune icon
    Neptune (EDS-WDS) Analysis System

    By integrating EDS and WDS analytical techniques on a single platform, TEAM™ Neptune provides the power and flexibility of EDS with the resolution, precision, and detection limits of WDS. Together the two techniques

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    Pegasus (EDS-EBSD) Analysis System

    The Pegasus Analysis System enables the simultaneous collection of EDS (chemistry) and EBSD (crystallography) data, allowing direct correlation between the elemental content and microstructural aspects of the material being studied.

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  • Trident icon
    Trident (EDS-EBSD-WDS) Analysis System

    Trident combines the latest advances in EDS, EBSD, and WDS in a single analytical tool. With the Smart Features included in the easy-to-use EDAX analysis software, each technique can be optimized and used

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