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Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)

Omphacite - (Ca,Na)(Mg,Fe2+,Al)Si2O6 - is a silicate mineral that varies in composition between calcium-rich augite and sodium-rich jadeite.

Omphacite EBSD pattern
EDAX Periodic Table of Elements - Sodium 

Omphacite FSD image

Omphacite FN-Orientation Map
FN-Orientation Map

Omphacite L-Orientation Map
L-Orientation Map

Orientation (IPF) maps for a direction normal to the foliation plane and parallel to lineation. Measurements with CI<0.2 are shaded black. >15º grain boundaries are shown in black.

A. Mauler (2000), “Textures and Microstructures in Eclogites. Electron Backscatter Diffraction applied to Samples from Nature and Experiment”, Ph.D. Thesis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich

Mauler, G. Godard and K. Kunze (2001). "Crystallographic fabrics of omphacite, rutile and quartz in Vendee eclogites. Consequences for deformation mechanisms and regimes." Tectonophysics 342: 81-112.