• TEAM™ EBSD Analysis System
    TEAM™ EBSD Analysis System

    EDAX’s TEAM™ EBSD Analysis System is the most comprehensive system available for analyzing crystalline microstructures. The solution obtains crystallographic orientation, grain-boundary character, and phase-

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  • Orientation Imaging Microscopy (OIM) Analysis™
    OIM Analysis™

    OIM Analysis™ is a technique based on the automated collection and analysis of EBSD patterns. This mapping data provides information on the orientation, phase distribution, grain size and shape, grain boundary

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  • Velocity™ EBSD Camera
    Velocity™ EBSD Camera

    The Velocity™ EBSD Camera with CMOS technology offers the highest speeds for EBSD mapping with the best indexing performance on real world materials.

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  • Hikari EBSD Camera
    Hikari EBSD Camera Series

    The Hikari EBSD Camera Series is the next generation in electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) cameras offering outstanding performance across the complete range of EBSD applications. Users no longer have to choose

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  • DigiView EBSD Camera
    DigiView EBSD Camera

    The DigiView is a versatile high resolution digital camera. The CCD sensor has a particularly high Quantum Efficiency (QE), peaking in the blue-green spectrum for use with an optimized phosphor screen coating

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  • Neighbor Pattern Averaging & Reindexing (NPAR™)

    Neighbor Pattern Averaging & Reindexing (NPAR™) is an innovative approach to measuring crystallographic orientation from Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) patterns.

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  • Pattern Region of Interest Analysis System (PRIAS™)

    Pattern Region of Interest Analysis System (PRIAS™) is a synergistic imaging technique to visualize microstructure and provide exciting new views of your materials. PRIAS™ enables users to quickly characterize

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  • Forward Scatter Detector
    Forward Scatter Detector

    The Forward Scatter Detector is an ideal analytical tool for previewing the microstructure to select a region for EBSD data collection and for qualitatively inspecting the microstructure to characterize deformation

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  • Atom Probe Assist
    Atom Probe Assist

    Atom Probe Assist provides an innovative means of monitoring grain boundary position between FIB milling steps to ensure that a grain boundary is detected and correctly positioned for subsequent Atom Probe analysis.

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