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Octane Elite EDS System

The game-changing advancements in the EDAX Octane Elite EDS system with Octane Elite silicon drift detectors (SDDs) take energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) analysis to the next level. This system includes detectors with a silicon nitride (Si3N4) window, offering remarkable improvements in low energy sensitivity for light element detection and low kV microanalysis. The Octane Elite detectors also use high-speed X-ray data processing technology within a smaller and fully vacuum-encapsulated detector device.

Octane Elite Silicon Drift Detector


The Octane Elite SDDs are available in two models:
EDAX Octane Elite Plus – 30 mm2 chip
EDAX Octane Elite Super ‐ 70 mm2 chip

Best light element performance

The silicon nitride window offers significant improvements compared to a polymer window, improving light element performance and significantly more critical data for the analyst.

Si3N4 window

The silicon nitride window offers superior low-energy transmission compared to a polymer window.

Features and benefits

Low kV performance

The mechanical properties of Si3N4 allow the use of thinly fabricated windows, offering a great benefit in terms of sensitivity and optimal low-voltage analysis.

Optimized SDD electronics
  • Fast pulse processing from mapping and quantification
  • Optimized data quality at all count rates
  • High-resolution quantitative analysis at mapping speeds greater than 400,000 output cps

EDAX EDS systems with advanced detection electronics offer the highest throughput count rates on the market for the best possible analysis and increased productivity.


The material properties and durability of Si3Nensure the most robust and reliable detectors available for all EDS applications.

Motorized slide

The motorized slide offers complete control of the detector via the software and is optimal for analytical flexibility. It is ideal for all focused ion beam (FIB) systems.

APEX software for EDS allows users to optimize their analysis time and get the best possible data from their sample

APEX™ ensures high-quality, accurate results and increased productivity with its easy-to-use interface, live-time graphical display, and simultaneous review mode.


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