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OIM Matrix

The OIM Matrix™ software package, which is offered as an option with OIM Analysis™, allows users to simulate EBSD patterns based on the physics of dynamical diffraction of electrons. This approach more accurately describes the behavior of the electron interactions within a sample and produces more realistic pattern simulations compared to traditional kinematic diffraction-based approaches. These simulated patterns can then be more easily and accurately compared with experimentally collected EBSD patterns.
OIM Matrix™


OIM Matrix can be used to create a library of EBSD patterns for all crystallographic orientations for a given material. Experimental patterns can then be compared and matched with the best fitting pattern in the library, in an approach termed Dictionary Indexing, developed for EBSD by the group of Prof. Marc De Graef at Carnegie Mellon University. Dictionary Indexing improves indexing success rates over standard Hough-based indexing approaches. Within OIM Analysis™, the world-leading software platform for the analysis of EBSD data, Dictionary Indexing can be combined with partitioning functionality and other indexing tools for efficient indexing improvements and better overall data quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Realistic EBSD Pattern Simulations
  • Dictionary Indexing
  • Master Pattern Database
  • Automatic Structure File Optimization
  • EBSD Background Simulation


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