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EDAX ISO 9001 Certificate

From conception to design (utilizing the powerful Design for Six Sigma and Critical to Quality methodologies) to delivery, EDAX continues to pursue world-class manufacturing practices through an intricate testing infrastructure. The quality of our products is proven within our own state of the art laboratories and through independent testing organizations to guarantee trust and reliability. Testing is a continuous process and begins as soon as the hardware is developed in our engineering laboratories, utilizing advanced CAD/CAM systems. No EDAX product leaves our premises until it has been tested to uncompromising EDAX standards.

EDAX is ISO 9001 certified. Since the steps leading to ISO 9001 certification mandate that quality standards are in operation and that a quality procedures manual is being followed, the process is self-regulating in the area of quality. It also demonstrates that EDAX products have the highest reliability as well. We accept no compromises in our products - so you do not have to in your analysis.

"We will exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, and stockholders. Our principles are honesty, integrity, trust, and teamwork. EDAX Inc. is dedicated to continuous improvement in our processes and systems as well as a never-ending quest for quality improvement."

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