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Microstructural Investigation of Ti-6Al-4V

Contributed by Thomas R. Bieler, Michigan State University

Microstructural Investigation of Ti-6AI-4V

A combined IPF and IQ map generated from OIM data on a super-transus heat treated and controlled cooling Ti-6Al-4V specimen hot rolled to about 50% reduction at 815° C and subsequently water quenched. The IPF map is for the direction normal to the page (which is the rolling transverse direction). The IQ map shows where the beta phase was present during hot rolling prior to its transformation to alpha by the quenching process.

The OIM map was provided by Thomas R. Bieler, Michigan State University. This research work was conducted with S.L. Semiatin at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Wright Patterson AFB. Watch for the corresponding paper entitled "Investigations of Ti-6Al-4V Microstructures using Orientation Imaging" in the January 2002 issue of JOM.

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