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Gun Shot Residue (GSR) Analysis

The EDAX GSR Particle analysis package provides automated detection of particles containing lead, barium and/or antimony components that originate from primers or powders used in the manufacturing of most firearms ammunitions.  The package is designed to collect and classify three component, two component and single component GSR particles which are indicative of discharging a firearm.  Operation design features emphasize speed and accuracy of detection, while providing the user with routine operational workflow.

Key Benefits - Operates with most modern SEMs and requires a high-quality motorized stage, BSE detector, and multi-stub holder

Easy Setup - Save and reuse data collection and classification parameters

Fast and Accurate Searching - Automatic, unattended searching of multiple fields and multiple stubs for GSR particles

Compensate for Drift Over Long Runs -BSE image calibration allows continued analysis of samples even with a moderate amount of beam drift over extended analyses

Standard File Formats - All images and spreadsheet data are saved in standard directories and file formats, not locked away in a proprietary, vendor-specific file structure

Quick and Easy Classification, Review and Confirmation - Particles are classified using a standard GSR class library. Add classes to the library or create your own libraries. Automatically reanalyze and reclassify an entire data set without having to put the sample back into the SEM.

Many reporting features - Word templates, spectrum review sorted by classes, spectra with particle bitmaps, ternary compositional diagrams and more

The EDAX Gun Shot Residue Particle analysis package provides automated detection of particles containing antimony, barium and lead that originate from primers used in the manufacturing of most firearm ammunitions.

Gun Shot Analysis

Gun Shot Residue has been updated to include new image calibration features such as:

  • Auto-save of each calibration image
  • Video calibration results in summary file
  • New reporting features for particle and GSR data using SpecUtil
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