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EDAX and SPECTRO Sponsor the BioBus Science Education Enrichment Program at Ramsey Middle School

MAHWAH, NJ, October 25, 2019 – EDAX and SPECTRO, members of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division based in Mahwah, sponsored the BioBus Science Education Enrichment Program at Eric S. Smith Middle School in Ramsey, NJ on Tuesday, October 22 and Wednesday, October 23.

The program, sponsored by the AMETEK Foundation, is designed to give students the opportunity to learn more about science and get hands-on experience with live microscopes. The 100% solar powered BioBus is equipped with four different light microscopes and one scanning electron microscope.

“The Biobus event enhanced the experience for our 7th grade students,” said Ramsey School District Supervisor of Science and Technology Education, Holly Falcone. “This was a unique opportunity that connected Ramsey students to local, real-world STEM experts while enriching the District's life science curriculum. Moments like this help students see how their learning in the classroom can translate into the world outside school. Having just worked with compound light microscopes in the classroom, students were amazed at the increased detail they could see with powerful microscopes available on the BioBus. Additionally, it was great to see curiosity drive the students to work confidently alongside the scientists and engineers from AMETEK and BioBus.”

Over the two days, all the seventh-grade students from Eric S. Smith Middle School came aboard the bus and learned about cells. The class time was split into two parts. The first half of the period was spent looking at cheek cells, which were donated by the students via a mouth swab. The cells were put under a light microscope and projected onto a monitor where the BioBus scientists pointed out the various parts of the cells and explained a little bit about their function. The scientists and volunteers from EDAX and SPECTRO also showed the students various items under the scanning electron microscope, which goes up to 20,000x magnification. The classes saw a spider leg, human hair, and even a fly.

In the second half of each period, the students were given the opportunity to work with the microscopes. Under the guidance of the BioBus scientists and AMETEK volunteers, the student looked at a live daphnia, a freshwater crustacean. The students were able to use the microscopes on their own to view the various parts of the daphnia as the scientists and volunteers explained what they were seeing and answered many of the questions the classes had.

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