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The XLNCE SMX-ILH XRF system is a process control and yield management platform that offers integrated and remote module configurations for in-line atmospheric analysis of coating composition and thickness measurements of rigid and flexible substrates. This system allows the movement of coated material through the measuring enclosure for full panel analysis either in static or across the gradient locations through a motorized, programmable single or dual integrated measuring module.


The XLNCE SMX-ILH patented Thermal Shield facilitates real-time XRF data of hot substrates up to 300˚C, reducing panel dwell times, and improving the process throughput. A devoted Z-axis height adjustment feature further enhances the measurement quality by accommodating bow and warp along with planarity deviations common to larger panels, especially at higher temperatures.

  • Composition and thickness analysis
  • Material selection, layer formulations
  • In-line and off-line process control
  • Yield management

Specialized application areas:
  • Metal film stack composition such as CIGS
  • Photovoltaic manufacturing process
  • Micro-electronic manufacturing
  • Corrosion resistance coating
  • Thermal barrier coating
  • Energy (CIGS, CIS, batteries)


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