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APEX Software for WDS

The EDAX APEX™ WDS analysis system combines the intuitive workflow of the APEX software platform with the analytical power of wavelength dispersive spectrometry (WDS) to provide the ultimate resolution and trace element analysis to users of all levels. Smart Features in APEX WDS optimize detector setup, automate data collection and fully integrate with APEX energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) to deliver efficient and accurate results to EDAX users.

Spectrum collection


Map collection
Map collection
Smart Diagnostics
Smart Diagnostics
Ease of use
  • Shortens the workflow from the start of analysis to deconvolution of peak overlaps to three clicks
  • Utilizes user profiles with customizable preferences and settings
  • Full access and control of advanced-level user settings
Smart features
  • Smart Diagnostics – Monitors and displays the detector parameters to ensure the best data and most accurate results
  • AutoWDS – Utilizes the EXpert ID feature to create the scan list for the WDS analysis and automatically perform the peak scans for the elements in the sample
  • Smart Focus – Accurately positions the SEM stage at the optic focal plane and guarantees the highest intensity levels
  • Smart Data Management – Intuitive and flexible data management system keeps your work session organized

Features and benefits

  • Utilizes the EXpertID results to select the elements for the WDS scan
  • Automates spectrometer setup and selection of crystals
Smart Focus
  • Focus routines automate sample positions to ensure it is at the point of maximum intensity for the selected element
  • Smart Focus
    Smart Focus
  • Maximizes ease of use and guarantees best data on the first scan
  • Enables you to organize and communicate results efficiently with APEX Reporting in standard Microsoft Office Suite documents and Adobe PDF
  • Quick Reports allows you to tailor report content and layout to specific analytical needs
  • Customizable analysis templates for advanced and interactive reports
  • Reporting


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