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Orbis Vision Software

The Orbis Vision software provides the user with an easy-to-use interface while allowing control for applications requiring more powerful analytical tools. Sample navigation capabilities allow for simple point and analyze, saving of multiple sample positions for automated analysis, and importation of sample images from other tools to correlate analysis between Orbis and other microanalytical tools.
Vision Software


  • Quantitative software includes EDAX-patented Fundamental Parameter analysis software to quantify samples with and without standards
  • Trace element Fundamental Parameter analysis software to quantify traces in light-element matrices, e.g. RoHS elements in plastics
  • Full calibration software using the methodology of Lucas-Tooth and Pyne

The Vision software also incorporates a task-saving feature that allows a more advanced user to save the parameters necessary to accomplish a more involved analysis for repeated use by other operators.

Optional software packages available with Orbis Vision include:
  • Spectral Mapping: elemental imaging with collection of the full spectrum
  • Image Processing: includes EDAX implementation of Three Log Band Image Scaling to highlight low-intensity features in the presence of hot spots
  • LineScan: correlates linear scans with the video image
  • Alloy ID: allows identification of materials based on composition
  • Coating Analysis: calculates thickness and composition of appropriate layered structures using Fundamental Parameter-based methodology with and without standards 
  • Spectral Matching: compares unknown spectrum to a user-created spectral database of known spectra to identify a material


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