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Orbis PC Micro-XRF Analyzer

The Orbis PC Micro-XRF Analyzer is an upgraded model that is exceptionally well suited to analyze smaller samples or make faster measurements. The instrument is delivered with an advanced, LN-Free X-ray silicon drift detector (SDD), enhanced color video camera with 3x digital zoom, and a 30 µm polycapillary lens. The Orbis PC’s sample positioner has an upgraded XYZ stage with higher-precision sample positioning.
Orbis PC Micro XRF Analyzer


Standard Orbis PC components include:
  • Rh tube (50 kV, 50 W)
  • 30 µm ultra-high intensity poly-capillary optic (FWHM @ MoKα)
  • Automated primary beam filter system (Open position, 6 filters, Shutter)
  • Dual CCD cameras: 10x color; 75x color (3x digital zoom) 
  • Advanced 50 mm2 Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) - No liquid cryogen cooling required 
  • High precision computer-controlled XYZ stage
  • Sample chamber: vacuum or air
  • Sample chamber viewport with 4.9" x 4.9" (124 mm x 124 mm) viewable area
  • Digital signal analyzer electronics
  • Operating SW with automated analysis and quantification routines including:
    • Fundamental Parameter analysis with or without standards
    • Trace element analysis in light element matrices using Fundamental Parameters analysis
    • Semi-empirical analysis using calibrations with standards
  • Mo tube (50 kV, 50 W)
  • Automated collimators (1 mm and 2 mm) in conjunction with mono-capillary optic; selectable by SW control
  • Software: Spectral Mapping, Image Processing SW, Linescan, Coating Analysis, Spectral Matching, Alloy ID, Remote Spectrometer SW for data processing


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