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Orbis Micro-XRF Analyzers

Now you can get advanced non-destructive elemental analysis with the flexibility to work across a wide range of sample types and shapes. There is minimal sample preparation. No coating is required. Orbis Micro-XRF Analyzers incorporate fast, simultaneous multi-element X-ray detection with the sensitivity to analyze from parts-per-million to 100% concentrations. Users can conduct elemental analysis on small samples, such as particles, fragments, and inclusions, or automated multi-point and imaging analysis on larger samples, with all of the benefits and simplicity of an XRF analyzer.
Orbis Micro XRF Analyzer


These benchtop instruments can measure elements from Na to Bk in either air or low-vacuum conditions. With the penetrating power of X-rays and larger spot size, Orbis analyzers are more appropriate than scanning electron microscopes for samples with larger-scale features. EDAX’s powerful, easy-to-use Vision software provides precise elemental analysis.

Innovative X-ray Optic/Video Geometry

Orbis mounts its advanced X-ray optics and high-quality video camera perpendicular to the sample, making the instrument appropriate for a broader range of sample geometries. This innovative design provides true “what you see is what you analyze” capability. Obstruction of the X-ray beam, which leads to erroneous measurements, can easily be detected. If the camera has an obstructed view, then the X-ray beam is obstructed. Shadowing of the X-ray beam is eliminated when measuring samples with topography. In addition, qualitative analysis is more easily performed beyond the designed working distance range of the instrument.

A Wider Range of Applications

Orbis analyzers are ideal for a variety of applications including criminal forensics, industrial quality control, and non-destructive testing, plus materials, electronics, and geological sample analyses.

EDAX Analyzer Models

The Orbis Micro-EDXRF Analyzer is available in two standard models, Orbis MC Analyzer and Orbis PC Analyzer. EDAX offers a range of additional options for each model. These two models cover a wide range of applications where highly precise non-destructive elemental analysis is required. Orbis Vision Software is available on both models.


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