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The optional TEAM™ 3D IQ software is a 3D solution for EDS data, which performs both imaging and analysis operations within the same software package. EDAX offers simple, one click data transfer between the TEAM Software Suite and TEAM 3D IQ for the most comprehensive visual and analytical interpretation of EDS data available.


EDAX has now partnered with a sister company within AMETEK to provide TEAM 3D IQ:

  • To bring quantification to your visualization
  • To add a dimension to your materials characterization
  • To offer a seamless interface with TEAM EDS software for optimal results
  • To give a full suite of 3D thresholding tools to define regions of interest
With TEAM 3D IQ, developers have extended the source of typical 3D EDS data sets from simple elemental maps to full spectral imaging data sets for each slice. When sub-sets of the data are extracted for interpretation, a complete spectrum is also extracted, from which full quantification can be performed.


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