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TEAM™ EBSD Analysis System

TEAM™ EBSD Analysis System combines the ease of use of the TEAM™ software platform with the analytical power of OIM to provide state of the art crystal structure characterization to all users.
TEAM™ EBSD Analysis System

Ease of Use

  • 3 Click Workflow: 3 clicks from the start of analysis to the final report
  • Smart Features: Automated optimization of system setup, data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Flexible Control: Full access to and control of advanced level user settings

Smart Features

  • Smart Camera: Automatic optimization of EBSD camera settings
  • Smart Background: Intelligent background collection and processing
  • Smart Indexing: Accurate EBSD solutions through unique triplet indexing and confidence index values
  • Smart Data Management: Intuitive and flexible data management system keeps work sessions organized

Dynamic Mapping

  • TEAM™ Mascot: Interactively select EBSD image quality, crystal orientation, phase, and SEM maps using the TEAM™ MASCOT tool
  • Real-Time: View results live during data collection to ensure quality data and gain immediate insight into your materials
  • Maximum Insight: Combine gray scale and color images to maximize information content


  • TEAM™ Reporting: Organize and communicate results efficiently in standard Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents
  • Quick Reports: Provide a summary of data from both Point Analysis and Mapping modes for EBSD and integrated analysis
  • Custom Reports: Allow the user to tailor report content and layout to specific analytical needs
  • OIM Analysis™: Direct access to OIM Analysis™ with application-specific and customizable templates for advanced EBSD reports


TEAM™ EBSD is compatible with the Velocity™, Hikari, and DigiView EBSD cameras. The Velocity™, powered by a CMOS sensor, offers high-speed EBSD mapping up to 4,500 indexed points per second with the highest indexing performance on real-world materials. The Hikari Super provides the perfect mix of speed and sensitivity, while the DigiView is ideal for high-resolution analysis.

TEAM™ EBSD makes structural characterization easier than it has ever been, placing more solutions in the hands of users and proving that, once again, EDAX is the answer to challenging materials characterization needs.

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