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OIM Analysis v8

With the addition of new functionality and features, OIM Analysis™ v8 has reset the standard for EBSD data analysis capability and enables users to achieve new insight into microstructural characterization.
OIM Analysis™ v8 used to improve initial data (left) with ChI-Scan™ reindexing (right) for accurate phase mapping on an Al-Si alloy (primary phase - red, eutectic phase - blue)


The new features include:
  • Multithreaded Operation - optimized code to take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs for faster map rendering, highlighting and characterization calculations
  • EBSD Pattern Indexing - ability to reindex points within an OIM mapping dataset while away from the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) using EDAX's triplet indexing, ChI-Scan™, and Neighbor Pattern Averaging and Reindexing (NPAR™) technology
  • Anti-Grains Analysis - allows for characterization of non-indexed data points
  • Correlative Plots - visualization of the relationship between two EBSD measurement values when plotted relative to each other
  • HDF5 Support - EBSD patterns are saved in HDF5 format and are compatible with Cross Court for HR-EBSD
  • Correlative Microscopy - import of spatially-specific measurements for visualization and corrective analysis


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