Hikari EBSD Camera Series

The Hikari EBSD Camera Series is the next generation in electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) cameras, offering outstanding performance across the complete range of EBSD applications. Users no longer have to choose between speed and sensitivity, as the Hikari Camera Series offers both. All the Hikari cameras are HR-EBSD compatible.

Hikari EBSD Camera
The Hikari Series now includes 3 models:
  • Hikari Pro - up to 600 indexed points per second
  • Hikari Plus - up to 1,000 indexed points per second
  • Hikari Super - up to 1,400 indexed points per second

The indexing speed increases between each model are available at all camera resolutions, allowing real acquisition speeds to be achieved on both routine and challenging samples.

Typical Uses:
  • High speed analysis for process development and quality control applications
  • High sensitivity indexing with low beam currents and low accelerating voltages when improved spatial resolution is required

Features and Benefits

Data collection rates up to 1,400 indexed points per second
  • Maps can be collected in minutes for efficient SEM use
Maximum EBSD camera sensitivity
  • High quality performance across the entire range of SEM operating conditions including:
    • Beam currents as low as 100 pA
    • Accelerating voltages as low as 5 kV
Precision orientation measurements to less than 0.1°
  • Enables detailed microstructural characterization of plastic strain, subgrain evolution and deformation mechanisms for better understanding of processing-microstructure-property relationships
High indexing success rates
  • EDAX's patented Confidence Index determines not only an indexing rate, but an indexing success rate which provides confidence for your orientation data
  • Know more about every sample by indexing a high percentage of data and avoiding assumptions caused by incomplete measurements
Integrated Forward Scatter Detector (FSD) for reviewing sample microstructure prior to performing EBSD scan
  • Provides orientation, composition and topographic contrast imaging for a preview of EBSD prepared samples
Compatible with Pattern Region of Interest Analysis System (PRIAS™) Live Imaging
  • High speed Hikari Series cameras can be used as imaging detectors in PRIAS™ Live mode
  • Provides 25 images from pre-defined region of interest (ROI) detectors that can be arithmetically processed to enhance, suppress, or isolate specific image contrasts
  • PRIAS™ imaging provides synchronous imaging of orientation, phase, and topographic contrasts of EBSD samples

The Hikari EBSD Series are the cameras for all EBSD applications. By combining speed, sensitivity, and precision, they provide performance without compromise. The cameras are fully compatible with EDAX TEAM™ Trident, TEAM™ Pegasus and TEAM™ EBSD Analysis Systems, helping users solve their materials challenges quickly, easily, and accurately.

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